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Iron Gate Lodge operates in Unit 11 and manages several different hunting areas covering more than 3,000 acres in Southeastern Kansas, 100% fair chase. Our stands consist of mostly 15’ ladder stands, but, we also have tripods, ground blinds, and shooting houses. With over forty Deer Stands preset and the ability to pop up a blind at any time, we can move around to and find the deer movements to match the conditions.

You will arrive the afternoon before and leave out the morning after your scheduled hunt dates. We provide all meals, lodging, and transportation around the hunting areas. You are responsible for your deer tag and hunting license. The Kansas Deer Tag Application Deadline is typically in late April (we will help you apply when the time comes.) All of our hunts are the same price regardless of seasons. Every time you go afield you have a chance to kill that buck of a lifetime and there are no additional trophy fees. We free range, fair chase hunts providing you with an opportunity in some of the best farms in the Midwest.

A Trophy is in the eye of the beholder and we will honor your harvest respectfully, however, we strive to harvest only mature bucks (3.5 years.) We have taken 3.5 years old deer at 175" B&C and 4.5 years old 198" B&C bucks. We have also harvested 6.5 years old 105" bucks.

If no is blood drawn during your Archery Hunt, you will be refunded $1000 at the end of your hunt. If you kill a deer over 150" you will a receive a $500 refund. If you take a deer under 150" you will receive a $250 payback only if the outfitter feels the buck is 5 years old or greater. This is our reward program to keep you from shooting young deer. Other outfitters charge you a penalty, we give you money back!! (This offer is only for Archery Hunts at this time.)

We offer full deer processing:  Deboned, ground, cubed/tenderized, and steaks.   The processing fee is included in the price of your hunt, however, we do not cover your shipping expenses. Your venison can be processed and available for you departure if time allows.  If you harvest your trophy late in the hunt we'll be happy to process the meat and have it shipped to your address.

Duck Hunting

Iron Gate Lodge is located in a major local flyway with a good to excellent flight of birds in most years. We have access to 100s of acres of strip pit water ways and thousands of acres of fields to hunt in. We have deep water to hunt when the potholes freeze over as well as shallow water areas preferred by mallards. Duck hunts are done on a limited basis only at peak conditions. We will notify you when that occurs and get you here short notice to hunt. Our duck hunts include lodging and evening meals.

Turkey Hunting

Iron Gate Lodge has an abundance of Eastern, Rio Grande and Hybrid Wild Turkeys for you to hunt in the spring. Our birds tend to be very vocal and lots of fun to hunt along the river, small creeks, or in the strip pits. Spring Turkey Hunts are Gobbler only and include Lodging and evening meals. A guide/caller can be available for an additional fee.

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At Iron Gate Lodge, on our private 125 acres of water, the fishing is truly amazing all year long. We have stocked these strip pits with Florida Bass, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Channel Cat, Redear, Hybrid Bluegill, and Fathead Minnows to fish for. Our main body of water is approximately 85 acres and we have a concrete boat ramp for easy boat launching. This pit consists of over 7 miles of shoreline with various depths from 1’ deep flats to 30’ deep water for your fishing preference. Fishing trips include lodging and evening meals.

Fishing Rates